Welcome, my name is Jochem Hummel and I am a final year PhD student at the KIN research group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

My Research

My research focuses on understanding the strategic mechanisms and practices used by organizations in complex multi-actor collaborations to pursue broad goals related to digital innovation. My first priority lies with doing highly rigorous, qualitative, empirical research. For example, my dissertation research concerns a longitudinal study of a collaboration between “big science” and “big business: called Helix Nebula, where I analyze how large scientific institutes (CERN, EMBL, ESA) collaborate with commercial cloud computing organizations (Atos, T-Systems), and public infrastructure providers (EGI, GEANT), to develop a European scientific cloud computing infrastructure.

I am a passionate qualitative researcher (case study and ethnographic methods). I typically do process research, and through my interest in micro-level dynamics I also have knowledge of practice theory. Driven by my determination for methodological rigor I have adopted digital methods for qualitative data as a complementary analysis technique.

Research Interests

Complex multi-actor collaborations, science and technology studies, organizational pluralism, organizational resourcing, framing, new ways of organizing, open innovation

Digital innovation, big science, science-business collaborations, platforms and ecosystems

Qualitative methods (case study and ethnographic methods), digital methods for qualitative data (topic modelling, text analysis, sequence analysis, cluster analysis)

Teaching Interests

technology and innovation, digital innovation, qualitative research methods, digital methods for qualitative data, strategic management, open and user innovation, knowledge management, business research methods, new ways of organizing